Make Your Hostel Life A Remembering One

See how can you get a good experience in PG accommodations


If you are out of your hometown for a better education or due to your job you are living in a hostel; then new atmosphere, discipline, and the restriction must be irritating you. It is unpleasant for the first time when you are staying as a paying guest.

In fact, if you see it in another way this lifestyle is an excited one where you meet strangers and become friends. PG life is the life which becomes best memories when you met with some good people. These memories never get dissolve years after.

If it’s a girls pg accommodation or you are looking for or boys pg accommodation; there are few important points that need to remember –

Sharing and adjustments

Sharing habits become flourished once you start living in a paying guest accommodation. Also, you get best classes of ‘adjustment’ in a PG. You choose your friends and even life partner, but it sometimes isn’t in your hands to decide on your roommates so it’s not easy to adjust with them.
It can be more difficult when your roommate is from another state, but this experience can be more beneficial in your lifespan.

Acknowledging the small matter

Always use earphone or play music at low volume. Sometimes mobile ringtone and message tones can be irritating others so make phone volume at the low level while in the room. Never talk loudly over a phone while you are in the room with your roommates. Never make a discussion out of your roommate’s personal chat over the phone. It can lead to a clash.

Exchange your contact numbers

Always exchange your roommate numbers along with hostel numbers which can be helpful in needs or when you stuck in a bad situation. If possible, you can share your roommate number with your parents with permission so that in case your number is not reachable they can contact your roommate. You should share your numbers also for the same concern.

Keep your focus on study

Girls studying

Always be helpful and friendly with your hostel friends but never interfere in their personal matters. Set your focus on studying rather than indulge yourself into their issues. If others are disturbing you then understand them, the limit otherwise keeps this in the notice of property manager.

Use eye band or ear plug

Always keep both eye band and ear plug with you because your roommate may have habits like studying in the night, talking over with friends and listing music or watching movies on a laptop. By using eye band and ear plug, you can sleep easily at night.

Participate in get-together

Never get indulge into your studies so much that you may cut yourself from other things in life.
Always participate in parties and get-together organized in your paying guest house. It definitely will develop your personality.

Keep healthy snacks with you

Sometimes you may get bored with the regular food so always keep healthy snacks, dry fruits, and packed food items. If you are habitual of studying late night then snacks can give you a punch of good energy.

Friendly nature

Try to be sweet and as simple as you can with others. No matter how unfriendly your warden is you shouldn’t forget to be antiquated because if you move to another hostel doesn’t guarantee that your next hostel warden will not be the same.

Don’t show-off

Never show off your expensive things and never make your fancy items and mobile gadgets your status symbol.

Safety check

Never get out without locking your door. Always keep your eyes on your expensive clothes and items because it can vanish till the blink of eyes. Always keep your face wash, lotion, shampoo etc. in a pocket after using it otherwise your hostel mates can dry them us by using it and you will be like blank while you need it. Same as you should avoid using other’s personal items. That will give a straight message to other that you are not interested in sharing such things.

Daily Routines of Paying Guest House

See What’s Cooking Inside a PG House

Paying Guest is an accommodation service where ‘Bed and Breakfast’ do provide to the guest. Apart from ‘bed & breakfast’ guest might get an almirah to store clothing & valuables. Also, the room allocated to the guest might have a television and air-conditioning / air-cooler whatever option available in the PG premises.

Apart from this, meals which including of (breakfast and dinner) on weekdays and all three meals (breakfast, lunch (or brunch) and dinner) on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is a must. For girls paying guest in a city like Gurgaon, there should be very clear mentioning of food to be prepared to guest earlier.

Other services like TV with all major channels, Air-conditioner or Air Cooler, Geyser, Regular cleaning of the premises might be given to the guest.

For this guest can choose the accommodation as per his/her budget. PG cost in a city like Gurgaon can be started from:

• INR 5000/- ($78) to 15000/- ($235) for double sharing

• 9000/- ($141) to 25000/- ($393) for single occupancy


Daily Routine in a Paying Guest House

A weekday in a PG house starts with the cup of Indian cardamom milk tea for the guests. Right after serving tea to the guests; cook starts preparing breakfast whatever scheduled for the day or as per decided by the guests itself.

Food preparation and serving

Breakfast can be Aaloo Ka Paratha (Indian fried bread stuffed with mashed potatoes and veggies), Aloo Puri, Bread and butter toasts with hot tea, Veg-Sandwich, Stuffed Sandwich etc.

House Keeping Activities

Once all of the guests left for their offices or work. Housekeeping team starts to clean the premises under the supervision of a person who looks after the PG accommodation. Guest must be aware of this regular activity so that they can keep their valuables in a safe location (along with them or into Almirah provided to them).

Few of the PG accommodation is providing in-house laundry service to its guest which might be chargeable (charges may be 25/- a pair). And some of other PGs or boys PG may provide washing machine to guests so that they can clean their clothes their-self.

All of the guests must be aware of in-house laundry service so that they can drop off their dirty clothes on their bed which can be collected by the housekeeping team during the room cleaning and send it for laundry service.

Evening Food Preparation

When housekeeping team is almost done in cleaning the premises it’s time for the cook to prepare the evening meal. An evening meal can be like:

• Daal-Chawal & a veg sabzi (veggie)

• Chapattis with Masumi Sabzi and Hot Daal

• Matar Paneer / Shahi Paneer / Kadai Paneer and Daal served with Chapattis

• Mixed Veg and Rajasthani Kadhi with Rice and Chapatti

• Salad and Aachar in dinner

Regularly talk with the Guests

PG manager must chit-chat with their guests on a regular basis like for cleanness; food served etc. This makes them aware that PG owner is taking regular care of every activity and guest needs not to bother about anything.

Regular security and other important checks

A professional PG house always makes a checklist that needs to carry out during full day operation from water availability to checking of proper electricity backups, proper working of all security camera, grocery and food items etc.

Why to Use Real Estate Portal To Find Properties

Take benefit from an online real estate website/portal

The 21st century where everything has a digital replication; whether a person or property might have some sort of digital impression. And that can be reached through the internet.

Same as a real estate company might have an online presence where it can show off properties and offer related to it.

There are thousands of thousand websites/web portals working under this category so we are having a vast ocean to take benefits of.

Quick and responsive in terms of action

It’s simple just visit a real estate website and search the properties you required in its search box – Nowadays you have to search once with your preference and apply for its’ notifications system. You will get notified once the required property is available online.

In a second way – Usually, when we have to look for a PG, guest house or a flat for rent we have to go to a property agent who lets us show some option available. And sometimes it’s very difficult for a property dealer to show off all the properties in limited time period.

And that makes us helpless when we haven’t enough time frames to see the entire collection of properties which lead our progress into halt like situation.


Everything is just a click away

A real estate website can help you buy, sell or rent almost any kind of properties that come under ‘non-movable’ segment.

Here are the properties that can be searched on a real estate website:

·         Paying Guest House

·         Guest House

·         Flats for rent / to buy

·         Rent a home

·         Office on rent

·         Shop on rent/buy

·         Agricultural Land to buy


A realtor website can offer mentioned services to its visitors or registered members like if someone wants the numbers and details of these services:

Paying Guest Houses can find it there. Further paying guest house accommodation has sub categories like

·         Women’s PG

·         Boy’s PG

·         Couple PG


Guesthouse – A guest house is alternate for a hotel stays where one can avail the facilities of 3 stars hotel services in a residential kind of property with small numbers of rooms with very competitive charges. People search for guest house

·         Guesthouse

·         Cheap / Low-cost guest house

Flats for Rent / Buy – One can find flats to rent and if interested he can buy it also various sites providing different loan schemes and offers. There more than 50,000 homes that are ready to move in.

·         Flats for rent

·         Flats to buy

·         1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK apartment

Office on rent – Nowadays management and Operation departments like to find their offices online first and then prefer to see it in real. People are making these kinds of searches like

·         Office in City-name

·         Fully furnished office space

·         Commercial office space in City-name


Apart from all the searches people made on realtor websites they also look for shops and agricultural land to buy or take it on a lease.


Toll-Free Numbers to help if puzzled somewhere – Almost every web site which sells any product or service do provide a contact number for a visitor to obtain help from customer care team in case of any issue or information required.

A professional real-estate portal must provide numbers that could be ‘Toll-Free’ where anyone can make calls without being charged to take help related to property or posting his/her own property over the portal.


Model Behind the real estate companies

General Modal behind a realtor website – There is a general model behind the real estate website is to make money by preparing real estate agents to buy a membership so that they can reach to their potential clients in an easy way. And for that agents have to pay a specific amount to avail the service.


Apart from this, you can contact an individual broker or an agency to meet your requirements. It could be buying a new property, selling off an old house, farmland, shops etc.

So there are tremendous benefits by using a realtor website to fulfil your properties related need and most of the above it’s a single click away.

Why Safety Is So Important in Accommodation Business

Security, this can make or break your trust

Security is a major issue in business related to accommodation. Whether it’s a Guest House, Hotel, Paying Guest House or Ceremonial hall; providing a fully secure and calm atmosphere is the utmost job for a host.

To achieve this objective, one has to follow Government norms, staff training, educating guests about the emergency situation. Accommodation manager has to think beyond policies and term when they need to host open events.

Following Government Norms

Almost every government does have some norms related to accommodation segment so that a proper safe and sound place to live can be provided to guests. It including of following:

  • Fire Safety with Regular Fire Drills
  • Disaster Management
  • Updated Safety Equipment
  • Information Sign Boards for guests and staffs
  • Government Certifications


Apart from this an accommodation especially hotels and guest houses must provide proper information to its guests in verbal and document as well.


Training of Staff

It’s been seen every time that in the case of a fire or any other disaster incident people stuck into the situation didn’t use any safety equipment already available there which not only can save their lives but stop disaster activity to spread.

So it’s a very important to give training to your staff disaster at regular intervals. Which includes of how to use safety types of equipment, what to do when disaster happens, how to help guest escape from situation to a safe place.


Educating Guests

It’s very important to educate your guests when they enter the premises. Have a get together by asking for the ½ hour of time from their important schedule. Offer them drinks at the meeting and also include them in training activities; let them enjoy operating the fire extinguisher and water jet pipes. This definitely will give a message to guests that how important their security is for hotel management


Regular Mock drilling

Regular mock drills are a very crucial in keeping everybody’s attention on the topic ‘safety’. Always keep organizing mock drills at your place which as we already told that keep your guest feel safe. The mock drill should be done under the supervision of experts and sometimes with a fire department. One plus point come up with this that in a case of any fire broken out; fire department who earlier organized mock drills will easily observe the situation and it definitely is helpful in the serious situation.


Keep Eye on the Strangers

Don’t let the strangers wander in or around your properties. It is the basis security breach and you must keep a check-in and check-out system at your property. Every entry must be check before entering the premises. The vehicle also must be pass checkpoints before parked in or out. Every guest or personnel must provide an identity proof with his/her contact number before proceeding into accommodation.


Digital Recording

Every property that comes under any commercial activities must have the digital security system. It is a proven technique that with CCTV camera you can prevent the crime to be taken place up to 60% of the time. So it’s a feature that your properties must have installed. It also helps you keep an eye on suspicious activities and you may present it as proof in any circumstances.


How it is beneficial

  • It let guests feel safe
  • Stop any man-made mistakes most of the time
  • It controls theft like activities
  • It’s human nature to be in a safe place so your hotel reservation may increase


What is it all About?

With all the points, we raised in this article doesn’t mean to make any turbulence into visitor’s mind but to take it as the pin pointing the issue to people who are in this serving business.


How Professional PGs Are The Best Choices

See why you should go for a professionally run girl’s PG in Gurgaon

We have witnessed the enormous growth in a migration of working women in metro cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pane, Bangalore, Chandigarh in favour of a good job. It started almost from the year 2003-2004 and in 2008 where a good growth of working women has been noticed especially in Delhi NCR.

And to accommodate this crowd of boys and girls in a city like Gurgaon; people who were permanent resident saw an excellent opportunity of making money and they start converting their home into paying guest accommodation.

Within a title time span, we can see Gurgaon flooded with PG hostels for ladies. But this brings some good and lots of bad things in accommodation business.

A standard girl’s PG in Gurgaon

  • Normal living – Simple and normal living with not any excitement to live there. It feels like you are passing out your time and it’s a favourite among people who cannot afford more than 5K to 6K a month in a PG accommodation
  • No tension for preparing of food – In this type of PG accommodations; girl guests don’t have to worry about preparing food as PG owner provide them from his side
  • Food Included in monthly charges – Most of the time PG owner provides food to girls at no cost but some of them may charge the price of meals from girls.
  • Cleaning & maintenance of premises – It’s a major issue girl face in a normal PG accommodation like not changing the bed sheets on scheduled days not even take them to laundry, not taking care of cleaning in Kitchen and bathrooms. Girls themselves have to do the dirty job
  • Homely atmosphere – As normal PGs are constructed or converted from a home; one can expect a homely environment there. However, most of the owner failed to provide a peaceful atmosphere but some of them do
  • 24*7 Water and electricity – These two are the fundamental facilities in a PG accommodation and if PG owner failed to provide these two then guests immediate back-off from that PG house.
  • Power backup – PG accommodation must be providing the electricity backup system at his place as without electricity backup it is impossible for a guest to take rest and feel relaxed into a new environment

Unprofessional girls PG Gurgaon

  • Behavioural Issues with PG owner and their kids – This is a very common issue in an unprofessional paying guest accommodation where owner or their kids compare their self to the lifestyle of yours and sometimes your better style may hurt them so totally avoid this kind of PGs because if not then you may see worst case scenario
  • Unidentified / Uneducated people in the premises – In an unprofessional accommodation for a girls or boys; it’s a common situation to see unidentified persons in the premises without a supervisor whether they may be electricians, carpenters or plumber but it can be an awkward situation while they enter into your room without knocking or permission
  • Not let watching the TV – When you just sit in front of TV to watch your favourite show and sudden then suddenly the daughter or son of the PG owner take the remote and start watching that you don’t want to see. Quite a common situation in an unprofessional PG
  • Hygienic Issue throughout premises – In unprofessional girls PG; no one cares about the hygiene. Nobody shows interest in cleaning and housekeeping. So you see dirtiness everywhere from Kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilets which make someone prone to diseases
  • Lack of utensils for guests – In a PG which is converted from a home lacks the basic item like utensils. Guest often face this issue in unprofessional PGs were girls even don’t get spoons or glass and now what is worse than this
  • Money extortion – What novice PG owner do that they treat guest like next to nothing as guest is living there only because of his kindness and due to this on very often guest specially girls are mistreated and asked for money apart from monthly rent to buy the food items and in the name of Gas cylinders and if someone does not agree to give extra money then she first have to face bad behaviour of the owner so that guest may leave the house for itself

Professional Girls PG Gurgaon

The best girls PG should take care of its girl guests whether its hygiene, security, convenience or ambience at PG. Here are few points that are covered mentioned below

  • A good professional and friendly behaviour toward guests – A professional PG accommodation always shows a respectful and friendly behaviour towards its guests no matter what the issue is; politeness in the voice can change the game
  • Make them feel at home – If your guest especially girls if they feel comfortable and tension free then it definitely will boost your business. This will retain your existing guests but also attract new guest also as good things never get hidden for long
  • Hygienic atmosphere – Again it is the another important factor that girls look into when they go through the property while booking a bad
  • A dedicated professional manager – Professional paying guest accommodation for girls always hire a person who dedicatedly looks after the premises and its guests
  • Professional Management of the House – When matter related to girls then every aspect of a PG accommodation is important. Everything managed by professionals so that guest feels safe and enjoy full
  • No lacks in Food related matters – Food prepared by a professional cook who must be having an experience in making delicious dishes
  • Regular housekeeping activities – Cleaning and maintenance of the premises is a regular or daily job and done by the people under someone’s supervision
  • On demand doctor and emergency services – At professional PG accommodation one can get the service like ‘On demand’ – doctor, taxi, laundry and other important services to make guests life easy
  • No surprises in monthly rent – Professional run young women PG never throw extra charge in monthly rent and strictly stick follow to the condition written in rental agreement. Rent agreement should be applied to year basis of the guest
  • Rent Agreement – All services are given in written form at the time of admission to the guest so that any misunderstanding should be avoided


Looking for a professionally run girl’s PG? Call us: +91-981-883-7850

PG Accommodation Vs Rented House

PG Accommodation or Rented House, Which is Better facility?

The word ‘PG’ is widely used a word as it’s used as the short name for Paying Guest House in India. Paying guest house is a home/building, converted to provide accommodation service to guests for long or short stays.

PG can be mostly owned by local people who convert their extra rooms to host guests for making additional income or it can be company/brand or person who runs a PG accommodation in a professional manner and provide its guest 3 stars like facilities.

There is a huge misconception among people who think that accommodating guests into their home is an easy task and most of the PG owners take it the easy way, but it isn’t like that. When there is a question of becoming a good host; there are hundreds of responsibilities comes as standard.

From good, positive environment to clean premises, tasty meals, entertainment facilities and lots more that nowadays comes as standard.



  • No tensions of preparing food and all
  • Semi or fully furnished room options
  • Free Internet (optional)
  • No tension of electricity bill overdue


  • Owner can be unprofessional person
  • Lack of hygiene in premises
  • Quality and tasteless food
  • Lack of privacy


Rented Accommodation

This is what an alternate of PG accommodation. In PG where PG owner has to provide you bed and breakfast and other necessary things but in rented house, you arrange everything except some basic needs like water and electricity supply.

Who take the house on rent known as the tenant and can live life as he/she like with few bounds.



  • Freedom of living
  • Cook for yourself
  • Privacy no issue most of the time
  • Free to live how you want to
  • Less interfere of property owner


  • Bound to do maintenance job of property if needed
  • Conditions by property owner like (no female friend, no pet, no non-veg etc.)
  • Extra payment for cleaning of the house by the tenant to maid arranged by owner


All these points are pointing on a thing that how is your liking; it means that it’s your liking and choice. The atmosphere you are more comfortable only. If you are too busy in your job and your office is your home and you go home for just rest only then you can go for PG accommodation and if you have enough time for yourself after daily routines then you can go for a rented house.