PG vs Rented House

PG Accommodation or Rented House, Which is Better ?

Paying Guest House Accommodation

The word ‘PG’ is widely used a word as it’s used as the short name for Paying Guest House in India. Paying guest house is a home/building, converted to provide accommodation service to guests for long or short stays.

PG (paying guest) houses mostly owned by local people who convert their extra rooms to host guests for making additional income or it can be company/brand or person who run a PG accommodation in a professional manner and provide its guest 3 stars like facilities.

paying guest hostel
If you are out of your hometown for a better education or due to your job you are living in a hostel; then new atmosphere, discipline, and the restriction must be irritating you. It is unpleasant for the first time when you are staying as a paying guest.

In fact, if you see it in another way this lifestyle is an excited one where you meet strangers and become friends. PG life is the life which becomes best memories when you met with some good people. These memories never get dissolve years after.

Accommodation security precautions

Security, this can make or break your trust

Security is a major issue in business related to accommodation. Whether it’s a Guest House, Hotel, Paying Guest House or Ceremonial hall; providing a fully secure and calm atmosphere is the utmost job for a host.

To achieve this objective, one has to follow Government norms, staff training, educating guests about the emergency situation. Accommodation manager has to think beyond policies and term when they need to host open events.

Real Estate House

Take benefit from an online real estate website/portal

The 21st century where everything has a digital replication; whether a person or property might have some sort of digital impression. And that can be reached through the internet.

Same as a real estate company might have an online presence where it can show off properties and offer related to it.

There are thousands of thousand websites/web portals working under this category so we are having a vast ocean to take benefits of.

PG Accommodation Prepration

See What's Cooking Inside a Paying Guest House

Paying Guest is an accommodation service where ‘Bed and Breakfast’ do provide to the guest. Apart from ‘bed & breakfast’ guest might get an almirah to store clothing & valuables. Also, the room allocated to the guest might have a television and air-conditioning / air-cooler whatever option available in the PG premises.

Apart from this meals which including of (breakfast and dinner) on weekdays and all three meals (breakfast, lunch (or brunch) and dinner) on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is a must. For girls paying guest in a city like Gurgaon, there should be very clear mentioning of food to be prepared to guest earlier.

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