Daily Routines of Paying Guest House

See What’s Cooking Inside a PG House

Paying Guest is an accommodation service where ‘Bed and Breakfast’ do provide to the guest. Apart from ‘bed & breakfast’ guest might get an almirah to store clothing & valuables. Also, the room allocated to the guest might have a television and air-conditioning / air-cooler whatever option available in the PG premises.

Apart from this, meals which including of (breakfast and dinner) on weekdays and all three meals (breakfast, lunch (or brunch) and dinner) on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) is a must. For girls paying guest in a city like Gurgaon, there should be very clear mentioning of food to be prepared to guest earlier.

Other services like TV with all major channels, Air-conditioner or Air Cooler, Geyser, Regular cleaning of the premises might be given to the guest.

For this guest can choose the accommodation as per his/her budget. PG cost in a city like Gurgaon can be started from:

• INR 5000/- ($78) to 15000/- ($235) for double sharing

• 9000/- ($141) to 25000/- ($393) for single occupancy


Daily Routine in a Paying Guest House

A weekday in a PG house starts with the cup of Indian cardamom milk tea for the guests. Right after serving tea to the guests; cook starts preparing breakfast whatever scheduled for the day or as per decided by the guests itself.

Food preparation and serving

Breakfast can be Aaloo Ka Paratha (Indian fried bread stuffed with mashed potatoes and veggies), Aloo Puri, Bread and butter toasts with hot tea, Veg-Sandwich, Stuffed Sandwich etc.

House Keeping Activities

Once all of the guests left for their offices or work. Housekeeping team starts to clean the premises under the supervision of a person who looks after the PG accommodation. Guest must be aware of this regular activity so that they can keep their valuables in a safe location (along with them or into Almirah provided to them).

Few of the PG accommodation is providing in-house laundry service to its guest which might be chargeable (charges may be 25/- a pair). And some of other PGs or boys PG may provide washing machine to guests so that they can clean their clothes their-self.

All of the guests must be aware of in-house laundry service so that they can drop off their dirty clothes on their bed which can be collected by the housekeeping team during the room cleaning and send it for laundry service.

Evening Food Preparation

When housekeeping team is almost done in cleaning the premises it’s time for the cook to prepare the evening meal. An evening meal can be like:

• Daal-Chawal & a veg sabzi (veggie)

• Chapattis with Masumi Sabzi and Hot Daal

• Matar Paneer / Shahi Paneer / Kadai Paneer and Daal served with Chapattis

• Mixed Veg and Rajasthani Kadhi with Rice and Chapatti

• Salad and Aachar in dinner

Regularly talk with the Guests

PG manager must chit-chat with their guests on a regular basis like for cleanness; food served etc. This makes them aware that PG owner is taking regular care of every activity and guest needs not to bother about anything.

Regular security and other important checks

A professional PG house always makes a checklist that needs to carry out during full day operation from water availability to checking of proper electricity backups, proper working of all security camera, grocery and food items etc.

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