How PG are the best choice

How Professional PGs Are The Best Choices

See why you should go for a professionally run girl’s PG in Gurgaon

We have witnessed the enormous growth in a migration of working women in metro cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Pane, Bangalore, Chandigarh in favour of a good job. It started almost from the year 2003-2004 and in 2008 where a good growth of working women has been noticed especially in Delhi NCR.

And to accommodate this crowd of boys and girls in a city like Gurgaon; people who were permanent resident saw an excellent opportunity of making money and they start converting their home into paying guest accommodation.

Within a title time span, we can see Gurgaon flooded with PG hostels for ladies. But this brings some good and lots of bad things in accommodation business.

A standard girl’s PG in Gurgaon

  • Normal living – Simple and normal living with not any excitement to live there. It feels like you are passing out your time and it’s a favourite among people who cannot afford more than 5K to 6K a month in a PG accommodation
  • No tension for preparing of food – In this type of PG accommodations; girl guests don’t have to worry about preparing food as PG owner provide them from his side
  • Food Included in monthly charges – Most of the time PG owner provides food to girls at no cost but some of them may charge the price of meals from girls.
  • Cleaning & maintenance of premises – It’s a major issue girl face in a normal PG accommodation like not changing the bed sheets on scheduled days not even take them to laundry, not taking care of cleaning in Kitchen and bathrooms. Girls themselves have to do the dirty job
  • Homely atmosphere – As normal PGs are constructed or converted from a home; one can expect a homely environment there. However, most of the owner failed to provide a peaceful atmosphere but some of them do
  • 24*7 Water and electricity – These two are the fundamental facilities in a PG accommodation and if PG owner failed to provide these two then guests immediate back-off from that PG house.
  • Power backup – PG accommodation must be providing the electricity backup system at his place as without electricity backup it is impossible for a guest to take rest and feel relaxed into a new environment

Unprofessional girls PG Gurgaon

  • Behavioural Issues with PG owner and their kids – This is a very common issue in an unprofessional paying guest accommodation where owner or their kids compare their self to the lifestyle of yours and sometimes your better style may hurt them so totally avoid this kind of PGs because if not then you may see worst case scenario
  • Unidentified / Uneducated people in the premises – In an unprofessional accommodation for a girls or boys; it’s a common situation to see unidentified persons in the premises without a supervisor whether they may be electricians, carpenters or plumber but it can be an awkward situation while they enter into your room without knocking or permission
  • Not let watching the TV – When you just sit in front of TV to watch your favourite show and sudden then suddenly the daughter or son of the PG owner take the remote and start watching that you don’t want to see. Quite a common situation in an unprofessional PG
  • Hygienic Issue throughout premises – In unprofessional girls PG; no one cares about the hygiene. Nobody shows interest in cleaning and housekeeping. So you see dirtiness everywhere from Kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilets which make someone prone to diseases
  • Lack of utensils for guests – In a PG which is converted from a home lacks the basic item like utensils. Guest often face this issue in unprofessional PGs were girls even don’t get spoons or glass and now what is worse than this
  • Money extortion – What novice PG owner do that they treat guest like next to nothing as guest is living there only because of his kindness and due to this on very often guest specially girls are mistreated and asked for money apart from monthly rent to buy the food items and in the name of Gas cylinders and if someone does not agree to give extra money then she first have to face bad behaviour of the owner so that guest may leave the house for itself

Professional Girls PG Gurgaon

The best girls PG should take care of its girl guests whether its hygiene, security, convenience or ambience at PG. Here are few points that are covered mentioned below

  • A good professional and friendly behaviour toward guests – A professional PG accommodation always shows a respectful and friendly behaviour towards its guests no matter what the issue is; politeness in the voice can change the game
  • Make them feel at home – If your guest especially girls if they feel comfortable and tension free then it definitely will boost your business. This will retain your existing guests but also attract new guest also as good things never get hidden for long
  • Hygienic atmosphere – Again it is the another important factor that girls look into when they go through the property while booking a bad
  • A dedicated professional manager – Professional paying guest accommodation for girls always hire a person who dedicatedly looks after the premises and its guests
  • Professional Management of the House – When matter related to girls then every aspect of a PG accommodation is important. Everything managed by professionals so that guest feels safe and enjoy full
  • No lacks in Food related matters – Food prepared by a professional cook who must be having an experience in making delicious dishes
  • Regular housekeeping activities – Cleaning and maintenance of the premises is a regular or daily job and done by the people under someone’s supervision
  • On demand doctor and emergency services – At professional PG accommodation one can get the service like ‘On demand’ – doctor, taxi, laundry and other important services to make guests life easy
  • No surprises in monthly rent – Professional run young women PG never throw extra charge in monthly rent and strictly stick follow to the condition written in rental agreement. Rent agreement should be applied to year basis of the guest
  • Rent Agreement – All services are given in written form at the time of admission to the guest so that any misunderstanding should be avoided


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