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Make Your Hostel Life A Remembering One

See how can you get a good experience in PG accommodations


If you are out of your hometown for a better education or due to your job you are living in a hostel; then new atmosphere, discipline, and the restriction must be irritating you. It is unpleasant for the first time when you are staying as a paying guest.

In fact, if you see it in another way this lifestyle is an excited one where you meet strangers and become friends. PG life is the life which becomes best memories when you met with some good people. These memories never get dissolve years after.

If it’s a girls pg accommodation or you are looking for or boys pg accommodation; there are few important points that need to remember –

Sharing and adjustments

Sharing habits become flourished once you start living in a paying guest accommodation. Also, you get best classes of ‘adjustment’ in a PG. You choose your friends and even life partner, but it sometimes isn’t in your hands to decide on your roommates so it’s not easy to adjust with them.
It can be more difficult when your roommate is from another state, but this experience can be more beneficial in your lifespan.

Acknowledging the small matter

Always use earphone or play music at low volume. Sometimes mobile ringtone and message tones can be irritating others so make phone volume at the low level while in the room. Never talk loudly over a phone while you are in the room with your roommates. Never make a discussion out of your roommate’s personal chat over the phone. It can lead to a clash.

Exchange your contact numbers

Always exchange your roommate numbers along with hostel numbers which can be helpful in needs or when you stuck in a bad situation. If possible, you can share your roommate number with your parents with permission so that in case your number is not reachable they can contact your roommate. You should share your numbers also for the same concern.

Keep your focus on study

Girls studying

Always be helpful and friendly with your hostel friends but never interfere in their personal matters. Set your focus on studying rather than indulge yourself into their issues. If others are disturbing you then understand them, the limit otherwise keeps this in the notice of property manager.

Use eye band or ear plug

Always keep both eye band and ear plug with you because your roommate may have habits like studying in the night, talking over with friends and listing music or watching movies on a laptop. By using eye band and ear plug, you can sleep easily at night.

Participate in get-together

Never get indulge into your studies so much that you may cut yourself from other things in life.
Always participate in parties and get-together organized in your paying guest house. It definitely will develop your personality.

Keep healthy snacks with you

Sometimes you may get bored with the regular food so always keep healthy snacks, dry fruits, and packed food items. If you are habitual of studying late night then snacks can give you a punch of good energy.

Friendly nature

Try to be sweet and as simple as you can with others. No matter how unfriendly your warden is you shouldn’t forget to be antiquated because if you move to another hostel doesn’t guarantee that your next hostel warden will not be the same.

Don’t show-off

Never show off your expensive things and never make your fancy items and mobile gadgets your status symbol.

Safety check

Never get out without locking your door. Always keep your eyes on your expensive clothes and items because it can vanish till the blink of eyes. Always keep your face wash, lotion, shampoo etc. in a pocket after using it otherwise your hostel mates can dry them us by using it and you will be like blank while you need it. Same as you should avoid using other’s personal items. That will give a straight message to other that you are not interested in sharing such things.

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