PG Accommodation Vs Rented House

PG Accommodation or Rented House, Which is Better facility?

The word ‘PG’ is widely used a word as it’s used as the short name for Paying Guest House in India. Paying guest house is a home/building, converted to provide accommodation service to guests for long or short stays.

PG can be mostly owned by local people who convert their extra rooms to host guests for making additional income or it can be company/brand or person who runs a PG accommodation in a professional manner and provide its guest 3 stars like facilities.

There is a huge misconception among people who think that accommodating guests into their home is an easy task and most of the PG owners take it the easy way, but it isn’t like that. When there is a question of becoming a good host; there are hundreds of responsibilities comes as standard.

From good, positive environment to clean premises, tasty meals, entertainment facilities and lots more that nowadays comes as standard.



  • No tensions of preparing food and all
  • Semi or fully furnished room options
  • Free Internet (optional)
  • No tension of electricity bill overdue


  • Owner can be unprofessional person
  • Lack of hygiene in premises
  • Quality and tasteless food
  • Lack of privacy


Rented Accommodation

This is what an alternate of PG accommodation. In PG where PG owner has to provide you bed and breakfast and other necessary things but in rented house, you arrange everything except some basic needs like water and electricity supply.

Who take the house on rent known as the tenant and can live life as he/she like with few bounds.



  • Freedom of living
  • Cook for yourself
  • Privacy no issue most of the time
  • Free to live how you want to
  • Less interfere of property owner


  • Bound to do maintenance job of property if needed
  • Conditions by property owner like (no female friend, no pet, no non-veg etc.)
  • Extra payment for cleaning of the house by the tenant to maid arranged by owner


All these points are pointing on a thing that how is your liking; it means that it’s your liking and choice. The atmosphere you are more comfortable only. If you are too busy in your job and your office is your home and you go home for just rest only then you can go for PG accommodation and if you have enough time for yourself after daily routines then you can go for a rented house.


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