Why Safety Is So Important in Accommodation Business

Security, this can make or break your trust

Security is a major issue in business related to accommodation. Whether it’s a Guest House, Hotel, Paying Guest House or Ceremonial hall; providing a fully secure and calm atmosphere is the utmost job for a host.

To achieve this objective, one has to follow Government norms, staff training, educating guests about the emergency situation. Accommodation manager has to think beyond policies and term when they need to host open events.

Following Government Norms

Almost every government does have some norms related to accommodation segment so that a proper safe and sound place to live can be provided to guests. It including of following:

  • Fire Safety with Regular Fire Drills
  • Disaster Management
  • Updated Safety Equipment
  • Information Sign Boards for guests and staffs
  • Government Certifications


Apart from this an accommodation especially hotels and guest houses must provide proper information to its guests in verbal and document as well.


Training of Staff

It’s been seen every time that in the case of a fire or any other disaster incident people stuck into the situation didn’t use any safety equipment already available there which not only can save their lives but stop disaster activity to spread.

So it’s a very important to give training to your staff disaster at regular intervals. Which includes of how to use safety types of equipment, what to do when disaster happens, how to help guest escape from situation to a safe place.


Educating Guests

It’s very important to educate your guests when they enter the premises. Have a get together by asking for the ½ hour of time from their important schedule. Offer them drinks at the meeting and also include them in training activities; let them enjoy operating the fire extinguisher and water jet pipes. This definitely will give a message to guests that how important their security is for hotel management


Regular Mock drilling

Regular mock drills are a very crucial in keeping everybody’s attention on the topic ‘safety’. Always keep organizing mock drills at your place which as we already told that keep your guest feel safe. The mock drill should be done under the supervision of experts and sometimes with a fire department. One plus point come up with this that in a case of any fire broken out; fire department who earlier organized mock drills will easily observe the situation and it definitely is helpful in the serious situation.


Keep Eye on the Strangers

Don’t let the strangers wander in or around your properties. It is the basis security breach and you must keep a check-in and check-out system at your property. Every entry must be check before entering the premises. The vehicle also must be pass checkpoints before parked in or out. Every guest or personnel must provide an identity proof with his/her contact number before proceeding into accommodation.


Digital Recording

Every property that comes under any commercial activities must have the digital security system. It is a proven technique that with CCTV camera you can prevent the crime to be taken place up to 60% of the time. So it’s a feature that your properties must have installed. It also helps you keep an eye on suspicious activities and you may present it as proof in any circumstances.


How it is beneficial

  • It let guests feel safe
  • Stop any man-made mistakes most of the time
  • It controls theft like activities
  • It’s human nature to be in a safe place so your hotel reservation may increase


What is it all About?

With all the points, we raised in this article doesn’t mean to make any turbulence into visitor’s mind but to take it as the pin pointing the issue to people who are in this serving business.


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