Cheap Guest House in Gurgaon

Budget/Cheap Guest House for You

Be our guest at the cheap guest house in Gurgaon and enjoy our hospitality. Call us for room booking in advance. We are the No.1 choice for booking rooms in low-cost guest houses run by us.

Prices for a low-cost room are

Rs 999/- a room (for single)
Rs 1499/- a room (for a double)

The guest house is a place where we stay overnight. And frequent traveller required it most of the time when they move from one city to another due to the nature of their business. We at provide you with the low budget guest house rooms with facilities compared to 3-star rooms.

Cheap guesthouse loved by these

  • Foreign Traveler
  • Job Seekers or person with scheduled interview
  • Students for overnight stay
  • Couples
  • Businessmen
  • International medical treatment seekers
Services offered

Due to the economic nature of the rooms the services, it limited. However, it’s got some standard features that may offer to the guests. Following are the services:

  • Air-conditioning
  • LED TV
  • Breakfast (complimentary for the first time)
  • Cozy Bed
  • Housekeeping
  • Intercom
  • Order tasty Indian, Chinese, Italian & Fast-food in our In-house restaurant
  • What else you need

Safety is the main concern in our premises as we covered our premises with high-quality CCTV cameras. Every single activity in and around the accommodation gets recorded on tape.

Along with it, a person (guard or a supervisor) will be there to watch out the daily activities. So no need to worry about it.