Budget Hotels in Gurgaon

Your one stop solution for budget hotels in Gurgaon

Here you can find the list of best budget hotels in Gurgaon. Price for rooms starts at INR 800/- and above. The best thing is that in this price range you can get complimentary free breakfast too. Isn’t it great! Apart from this service, you get a bunch of the other services that come very attractive in this price range, we will discuss it later.

Do you know that in Delhi NCR especially in cyber city Gurgaon you can get a budget hotel room with air-conditioning and all amenities that a semi deluxe room does offer?

Yes! you hear it right. You can book a fully AC budget hotel room in Gurgaon under 999/- INR. WoW!!

Star Value of an Affordable Hotel

A low cost or affordable hotel can be categorized in 3-Star rating. As mentioned that these kind of hotel are providing AC hotel rooms under 800/- to 1400/- price range. Not only these hotels have a budget hotel but they offer deluxe rooms also.

In fact, all 3-star hotels do provide deluxe rooms to its guests but when a room doesn’t get any booking until 4 PM, hotel system put it on sale hence it available under the budget room to guests.


Earlier in the start of the article, we have discussed that we can get a fully furnished Air-conditioned room in budgeted room range. And the amenities neither lesser than a deluxe room.

Here are some of the amenities you may get in a budget room:

  1. Fully Furnished Room
  2. Air-Conditioner
  3. Big Flat Screen TV
  4. Attached Toilet/Bathroom
  5. 24*7 Hot Water
  6. Complimentary Free Breakfast
  7. Hi-Speed Free Internet (WiFi)
  8. Newspaper / Magazines
  9. On-Demand Taxi Service
  10. Tour Package

Actually, all these services are available in the deluxe room as well but the main difference is to make a room budget rooms are:

  • If owner wants to make some quick bucks
  • Rooms that not reserved until 4 PM
  • Weekdays with Less business etc.

Often budget rooms become a saviour tactics for a business to survive in difficult times when there are no or few reservation are common.

How To Get An Affordable Hotel Rooms in Gurgaon

The Internet is that best weapon to hunt down a cheap or low-cost room in Delhi NCR or any part of the world. With the Internet you can Google ‘budget hotels in Gurgaon’ and it will reply with a list of hotels with lowest prices offered by the hotels.

Now select a website, you think can provide awesome content and click on it. It will display you a list of hotel rooms it offers. Check the price and make a selection according to your budget. Now go to ‘Book’ now and press the button. It will take to the payment page with your basic requirement taking form. Fill the form and pay the amount. On success, you will get a confirmation email. That’s It! room is reserved.

Don’t Do This

Remeber, in the case of the low-cost room, you might not get stuck in a situation that feels like unprofessional service to you. Remember these things:

  • Go through channels other than trusted one like agent etc.
  • Pay full in advance
  • Not requesting what room you will get
  • Taking minor issues in service too seriously and make an argument out of it
  • Showing aggression and anger at hotel staff
  • Over tip to employees because that makes them always get same treatment by you


These minor can make or break your day during your stay at budget hotels.



In this article, it is concluded that always get your book through a right person that you think is providng you the right formation and you should follow the right attitudes and behaviour while you visit a budget hotel.