Boy’s Accommodations

Get Help in Finding a Boys PG Accommodation

Well its not that hard to find a good boys pg in Gurgaon always. After 15th of every month, there are thousands of boys who start looking for new paying guest accommodation in Gurgaon in the hope for better services than the existing one.

Every time they move to a new accommodation they find their-self in depleted bank balance situation, but very few of them meet with excellent services.

Why us?

At Best On Rent we provides/associate with people who run their accommodations in true professional manners that guests barely want to leave the PG until there is some issue like job change or transfer.

The standards of our PG accommodations for boys

We have set a number of rules that comes in luxury services, but we are having that as our standards. Here are some of them

  • Fully Furnished Accommodation
  • Housekeeping Service
  • Experienced Cook
  • Security Guard
  • Security Camera

Fully Furnished Rooms

We are one of the paid accommodation providers for boys in Gurgaon which is providing fully furnished rooms. We are providing 3 star standard facilities in our paying guest accommodations. Boys love to stay at rooms which are complete and they never want to get disturbed by the daily maintenance that regularly happen into their rooms.

We welcome our guests only after it’s completed and having all necessary amenities for male or boy guests.


Regular housekeeping service is the best practice for an accommodation provider who wants to leave a good impression on its boys or girls guests. We regularly take care of our paying guest accommodation with a cleaning team headed by a supervisor or property manager.

Floor cleaning is a regular job and every second and third day of the week; bathroom gets a good cleaning which left a fresh and energetic feeling for guests at our boys paying guest houses.

We provide best cleaning equipment and solutions to cleaners / housekeepers which help them to clean the entire facilities with less effort and good outcome.

We use industrial standard cleaning products of brands like M3, Henko, Mr. White.

We are among very few boys paying guest accommodation in Gurgaon who take hygiene and cleaning into their prime concern.

Experienced Cook

Besides hygiene and cleaning; our one of the other goal is to provide the best food to our guests whether male or female. For that, we hire an experienced cook who at least has 10+ years of experience in making good quality of dishes.

We accommodate guests who come from different state and culture and so that we prepare our weekly menu. We offer north Indian, south Indian and some other tasty dishes to our guests.

For preparing the meal, we buy farm fresh veggies early in the morning from our local vendor / market. We don’t stock veggies as we prefer preparing fresh food for guests so that when they eat their meal they feel satisfaction like they eat their meal at their home.

Time to time we prepare special dishes for our boys guests to give some changes to their taste bud.

The charges for food is included in monthly rent and guest don’t have to pay extra for what they eat.

Security Guard

Security is a very important segment in accommodation business and we are also taking care of security at our place. We are providing security personal enabled paying guest house service for boys and girls.

We are having our guests who are working in MNC and their job timing may become odd and they have to come late at night or might leave the paying guest too early in the morning so we have employed security personnel so that nobody face the issue of opening and closing the door for themselves and for major concern of securing the boy’s PG by watching the intruder.

We always hire security personnel from a reputed company and also does employee background check of the hired person from a background verification company for making ourselves doubly sure.

CCTV Surveillance

In addition, to making our paying guest houses safe and secure we installed and set-up IP-enabled CCTV cameras with DVR recording enabled. It means our property manager can take care of property even if he is not presented there.

Every activity can be tracked even studies says that by using CCTV surveillance camera can reduce the theft like activities up to 60%.

Common issue in boys PG accommodations
  • Boys need to enter the premises within restricted time period even when they are coming back from their home in the night or early in the morning
  • No friends allowed
  • No, any family member allowed even for a day
  • No non-veg allowed
  • No any care in case of fever (doctor, food, medicine) etc.



Like these and so many another issue that boys often faces in a PG run by unprofessional people who don’t have any experience in the field of hosting. There are 2 out of 100 PGs which is providing good services, but they are also lacking personal touch to the services.

Get in touch with us if you want a peaceful PG accommodation. Contact us on – +91-903-483-7850