Girls PG in Gurgaon

Girl’s Accommodation

We at Best On Rent are having the years of experience in accommodation business and currently, we are operating in Delhi NCR region ‘Gurgaon’.

Get Yourself an Awesome Girls PG in Gurgaon

We are providing Female PG in Gurgaon which are having 2 types of categories:

  1. Standard Girl’s PG
  2. Plenarily Furnished Girl’s PG

Standard Girl’s PG Gurgaon – All mundane facilities are being provided except some premium accommodations.

Premium Girl’s PG Gurgaon – All of the best facilities like (Lovely ambiance with integrated air-conditioning, housekeeping, best aliment, room décor, room accommodation, intercom and more)

Prior points you would relish to ken:

  • Location
  • Nearby Magnetization
  • Distance Between Conveyance
  • Rent Policy
  • Rent Acquiescent
  • What You Visually perceive Is What You Get
  • Security
  • Pabulum
  • Housekeeping
  • Facilities

Optically discern withal boys pg in Gurgaon at affordable pricing.


We are located in sector 31/ 39/ 45/ 49 etc. in Gurugram city in the state of Haryana India.

Nearby Magnetization

  • Companies: Illimitable IT Solutions, Ken Research Pvt Ltd., Magento India
  • Malls: Omaxe Mall, Gurgaon The Sapphire, Bohemia, Celebration Mall
  • Cinema: SRS Cinemas, Payal Cinema

Distance between our PG and given locations

  • Metro Stations: HUDA City Center – 6.6KM
  • Airports: Indira Gandhi International Airport: 32KM, Domestic Airport – 24.8KM
  • Indian Railways Stations: 10.2 KM
  • State Run Bus Stand: 6.6 KM


Our accommodation for girls is facilely reachable through sundry conveyance systems available in Gurgaon city like:

  • Autorickshaw
  • Private Taxi
  • Regime and Privately Run Business

Rent Policy of Girls pg in Gurgaon

It’s a policy that tells about the payment structure of a girls pg in Gurgaon that how much mazuma they charge and the time-interval to make an increment into that charge. Withal, do this monthly charge is including of all expenses or is there any obnubilated charges.

Policy must be included in the ‘Rent agreement’ papers.

Rent Accedence

Accedence of rent is the most consequential tie between a guest and girl’s PG owner which let them bound to comply with the rules indited in the acquiescent. It’s a must to have an acquiescent for one who is providing the accommodations and another who is availing it.


What You Optically Discern Is What You Get

At BestOnRent, we comply with the rule of providing the best to girls, customers or clients. So we are following it in our PG accommodation business withal. We publish the content (properties images, videos, 3D imagery, blueprints etcetera) captured by us; or by the property owner.

So ‘girls’ just relax! The properties you are optically discerning on are the authentic one.

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Facilities at Girl PG

It plays a paramount role in PG accommodation on which guests decides to stay or leave. Here are the few of top accommodations for girls at our accommodations.

Plenarily Furnished Room – All of the rooms are plenarily furnished for who are seeking good accommodations. Wooden and another room décor work has been done. So that our it feels consummate and relaxed at our PG for girls in Gurgaon
Air Conditioning / Heating – All of our rooms are air-conditioned (electricity charges extra) each AC is branded and good in condition. In winters, we provide heat convectors. We take good care in bringing the room temperatures mundane so that when girls come back from their jobs; they feel relaxed and have a good slumber in the night
LED / LCD TV – For regalement, we have set TVs in every room with all of the channels available in India like National (Star Plus, Sony, Zee, Colors etc.) and regional (Punjabi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu etc.) so that our guests able to relish their favorite TV program without and lag. We are utilizing digital cable network to receive channels at our premises
Comfortable Beds – At our premises, we have purchased branded mattress and bed sheets. Every 3rd or 4th day of the week bed sheets get scheduled washing so that guest feel fresh and positive every time when they dissolve into their bed
Geyser / Sultry Dihydrogen monoxide – Every bathroom got fitted with branded geyser for sultry dihydrogen monoxide in the winter season. Providing sultry dihydrogen monoxide might be an issue in other PGs but at BestOnRent PGs it’s a customary accommodation for girls.
English Bathrooms / Toilets – As virtually all of our guests emanate from reputed and edified families and all of them are working for some Multinational companies; so they all are habitual of utilizing English sanitary-ware system. So we do are providing English toilets and bathrooms
Free Wi-Fi Internet – Free Wi-Fi internet connection with no data cap. It signifies when they are at our premises; they always are connected to The cyber world
RO Dihydrogen monoxide – As we all ken that city like Gurgaon is one of the polluted cities in India. Air, ground and even dihydrogen monoxide are contaminated with hazardous chemicals. So we consummately use RO dihydrogen monoxide in our circadian routine like (cooking, imbibing etc.) We offer a shipshape and clean dihydrogen monoxide bottle filled with clean RO dihydrogen monoxide for carrying and imbibing purport

Other Facilities

Fridge – Often girls bring eatables from market like Curd, chocolates, algid drinks etc. and all that requires to be preserved into fridge so we are providing fridges at premises
Self-Cooking – However our cook prepare ambrosial victuals, but sometimes few of guests relish to cook themselves. We set a separate gas stove for the preparation of Maggi, Soups and Veggies etc
Power Backup – For the uninterrupted comfort of our female guests we take total control of electricity backups. We backup power by inverters and engenderers. Fan and lights are on backup
Property Manager – Our properties e.g. paying guest houses are having experienced supervisors/managers to manage the property very well so that girls get a hygienic and fresh atmosphere to live
Housekeeping – We are one of the few girls PG in Gurgaon that take very much care of hygiene. So we have hired a team of a professional cleaner who wipe/wash and disinfect the premises at every caliber whether it’s a kitchen/room/bathroom or stairs they do the impeccable cleaning. All cleaning is done under supervision for the safety of girl’s valuables and right cleaning
Cook – In our opinion pabulum is an immensely colossal factor when it comes as a sizably voluminous part of customer gratification. Affirmative, we solemnly designate it! Good and tasty pabulum accommodated with comely utensils verbalizes a lot more about the PG owner that how much care is taken to optate the right cook, crockery and the way it accommodated. We at BestOnRent cull experienced cooks who are having a background of making the impeccable tasty repasts.
Pabulum Offered – Cook at our girls pg in Gurgaon; prepares sultry and yummy repasts as per weekly repast schedule decided by the girls themselves. As per our norms, we offer breakfast and dinner on weekdays and all three repasts of the day breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends. In breakfast, we offer English toast with butter, jams or yummy Paranthas with butter and packaged curd and In lunch and dinner all of the seasonal veggies and cheese curries.

Note: We don’t offer non-veg aliment or do not let prepare in our premises. But guest can bring yare-to-victual non-veg item for their self

Room Accommodation – Just make an accommodation call if you optate your victuals into your room or want a bottle of dihydrogen monoxide. We have provided room accommodations to our premium accommodation category. So just make a call and your wish will be treated well
Laundry Accommodation – After hectic and tough weekdays at work we feel that nobodies preserve enough power to wash their attire. So for the benefits of our client, we are providing Laundry accommodation which including of (accumulating, washing, ironing, distributing) of apparel to its owner. Note- We charge 25 Rs. per pair


Fire Safety – We have taken fire safety norms as our main priority in terms of safeguard our guests and property. We have deployed fire and smoke alarms, au courant fire extinguisher and customary check up by the supervisor of the property
CCTV Cameras – To safeguard girl’s valuables and to bulwark the integrity of the accommodation; we have deployed Hi-Tech CCTV cameras which record every single kineticism in our premises. Our property manager or PG owner can track the kineticism on any time of 24 hours
Security Sentinel – At some of our premium PG houses we have deployed security sentinels. Note – No outsider is sanctioned in our premises without our sanction or without prior notice
Parents Stay Policy – On some conditions, we can sanction guest’s mother only into our premises for two days. Conditions including of 1) Roommate’s approbation 2) Aliment and other expenses 3) For emergency purport only
Intercom – we are providing intercom facilities to our premium girl guests who pay more to avail this kind of accommodation for their facile. In conventional rooms, intercom facility isn’t available
Police Verification – It is the paramount part of our business to verify and track and keep a record of each and every girl who stay with us; or employee we hire. Girls will be asked to provide their details and ID proof to verify and to maintain the record by police
Employee Background Check – As a professional girl’s PG accommodations provider in Gurgaon; we do check and verify the backgrounds of all of our employees. We additionally maintain the database of our employees and Information is withal shared with the local police station.

Conclusion for girls pg in Gurgaon

If someone has read this full article on girls PG in Gurgaon till here then we assured that any girl or the parents of any girls who want to move into Gurgaon; might get all of the answers they are probing for. If you still are having some queries with you then delectate don’t hesitate in contacting us. We are here to avail you only; no matter you optate to be our guest or not!